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What is FanCONNECT birthday Marketing?

 Good Business - Great opportunity

Did you know that 7 out of 10 adults dine out on their or someone else's birthday?   Making birthday parties the #1 dining event, yet many restaurants don't take advantage of this simple yet very profitable marketing opportunity. 

The top 3 reasons why restaurant owners don't have a Birthday Club;
1) Small or No Customer List
2) They Don't have a system
3) Maintenance and execution for business owners.

We solved this problem by creating the Birthday Club a marketing service and system for local and national-based businesses, with a focus on restaurants and automotive as these two business models work with us most, however, we do work with spas, entertainment and hospitality too.

Our proprietary system and services are simple, easy to use, and include automated marketing which builds a list of customers and database, software that automates sending follow up promotions and special occasion marketing, that boosts repeatable business all in a turnkey platform, best of all its all managed for the business owner so they can focus on their business.  

As a Birthday Marketing Pro, you will be able to sell our successful Birthday Club for restaurants and retailers while we manage the system, services and customers needs making this a great business for you. 



There’s no reason to recreate the wheel. As a FanCONNECT Agency you get 20 years of experience, a proven platform, marketing support and a team that is here for your success.

We Take the Trial-And-Error Guesswork Out Of Owning a Marketing Agency, Putting Together the System, Lead Generation and Attracting More and Better-Quality Clients.

Learn from us and become a FanCONNECT Agency.

become a BIRTHDAY Marketing PRO

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become a local FanCONNECT Agency owner

Being an owner

Be your own boss!
 Identify the best potential restaurants, eateries, and coffee shops. 

Network with small business decision makers and introduce FanCONNECT services as an ideal opportunity to drive their business, along with new and repeat customers.

Convert existing patrons into repeatable business, drive new sales with our Referral and Birthday promotions, continue top of mind and sales opportunities with a complete follow up system and custom messaging per merchant. 

Best things about ownership:
1. Be your own boss.
2. No real estate or equipment required.
3. Highly Profitable.
4. Work-Life balance.
5. Low initial costs.

Training and full service provider 

training & back office

We provide you with the tools, training, support needed for success. CONNECT training helps you get your business up and running in less than 2 weeks. 

Our training program is online training where we introduce our solutions, discuss selling and presenting to prospective clients.   From there, ongoing support is tailored to individual needs for successful long-term growth.

You will be able to present our solutions, overcome common objections, and effectively operate your sales and marketing business.

For each client you sell, your back-office team will on-board, configure, and train your customer, so you can focus on selling, networking and growing your business. 

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Our services

Why own a Birthday Marketing business?


Low startup and monthly access fee makes it possible to have unlimited earning potential.

home based business

Once you make a sale, the rest of your work can be done from the comfort of your own home! Book appointments, enter sales, etc. 

we do most of the work

Your primary duty is to sell.
Setup, Email, Offers, Printing, mailing, etc. is done at our headquarters in California.

Sales & Marketing

Local and National.  
Market and sell in your immediate market and/or anywhere.

Birthday Business PLATFORM

1 Business. 1 platform - Big opportunity


Powerful All-In-One Service is just brilliant.  We partner with local businesses to bring highly profitable birthday parties to their business, provide a Promotion Center that offers CRM, Birthday tracking, Marketing Automation, WiFi , Mobile, Email, Stored Value, Rewards, and Surveys all-in-one Platform. 


Modern design makes a responsive solution that can be used on smartphones, tablets and PC.


Tracks  patrons, visits, frequency, referrals, offers and more.


Business In A Box.  We provide the system, the tools and the service so you have a turnkey business.

Our services



Simple reminder and follow up system that sends automatic text and emails!

  • anniversaries
  • Monthly Promotion
  • holidays

coupons & Offers

Redeem and Track Coupons both SMS and Exclusive MMS coupons with Viral Share.

  • mobile sms
  • mobile mms
  • email
  • viral share

private label

It's your company! Set your pricing and have your own unique platform.

  • brand your company
  • set your pricing
  • your unique domain
  • your business

Marketing services

We do all the heavy lifting with our managed marketing services, you do the sales and marketing.

  • kiosk design
  • mobile offers
  • email designs
  • mailers

Everything You Need to Get Started

Setup, Training, Marketing Materials, and Support - A Business In A Box.

Prospecting tools

We help you get off to a great start with a CRM tool, Prospect List, Business Cards, Domain and more. $1000 Value

Sales & Marketing MAterials

Look professional from day 1 with our private label sales and marketing materials. $1500 Value

selling  tools & Guides

We provide you with an operations and planning for success guide brimming with training, selling, getting the money, delivery and customer service tools. 
$2000 Value

Ready to Become a Birthday Marketing Pro?

start your business 

 Includes setup, configuration, your domain with unique website address, web site  with CRM, your platform, CRM, Payment services, Marketing Materials, Business cards and training. Low startup - Platform and Services fees billed monthly

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